Belajar jadi Bule

Type    : Problem / Solution

Topic   : University student’s Potential

University Student’s Achievement for Indonesia’s Nation

Indonesian country a lot of students who have a good creativity and get a good achievement of national and international levels. In the academic competitions, Indonesian student often brought up achievement, from an Olympic champion and international scientific papers, to the best graduates of the world famous university. Beside that, there are many others achievements in the field of academic gotten by students of Indonesia from robot contest winner of the world to the champion in the international study festival. However, numerous of those outstanding students move abroad and their potential is exploited by other countries to advance their country. This matter can be overcome by the government by sheltering and facilitating them.

The Indonesian student achievements just popularize the name of Indonesian nation in the international arena, temporarily being hot discussion of media without any further action from the government. On the other hand, many countries give an appreciation of the achievements gotten by Indonesian student by providing various facilities to develop their potential. Humans need to evolve. If their potential in their own country cannot be developed, then move to another country is the wisest solution. This is what might be the reason B.J. Habibie is more convenient to work in Germany than in Indonesia. So, don’t blame the Indonesian students who make creativity abroad then.

This various findings and achievements should be able to be used as the government motivation to become the more productive country. This is the duty of the government through the minister of education to build human resources who have vision and mission. Therefore, from this moment, the government can protect the Indonesian students in various ways so that they provide a real contribution to the nation.

For the students who have high intelligence, the government can facilitate them by sending them to continue learning as high as possible and to gain knowledge as much as possible wherever in the world. Then they are obliged to return home to practice the acquired knowledge to advance the country. Beforehand, governments also need to prepare a variety of scientific tools facilities which are needed in the country to cultivate the wealth of natural resources owned by Indonesian country

So, the problem of outstanding students who move out of the country and its potential exploited by other countries could be overcome by Indonesian government by providing various facilities to the student. In addition, by utilizing the potential of Indonesian student, natural resource wealth can be cultivated to the national progress.

Nb: Efek ngambil Matkul B.Inggris 2


2 thoughts on “Belajar jadi Bule

  1. basic sentence’s pattern : S+V+0
    Indonesian country = S
    ? = V
    A lot of students who…. = O

    Kok g ono V e
    It should be “indonesian country has a lot of students who….
    Has = V

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